Our Team | Paul J. DeMott 

Paul DeMott - Headshot

Paul J. DeMott


Senior Research Scientist/Scholar


Area of expertise: Atmospheric aerosols, aerosol-climate interactions, ice nucleation

Dr. DeMott co-leads Theme 1 concerning for characterizing the aerobiome. He will apply his passion for and experience in studies of atmospheric particles that catalyze ice formation in clouds, which include biological particles as one of the most important classes, toward BROADN research. Paul’s group has pioneered studies to measure bioaerosol emissions and their relation to cloud and precipitation processes, including measurements under the extremely low biomass conditions of the Southern Ocean. He will seek to develop new flux data for bioaerosols in the BROADN ecosystems and translate this information for use in atmospheric transport models. Paul is committed to personal growth in and support of equity, diversity and inclusion, and actively participates in educational outreach across communities.