The BROADN PhD Program


Program Overview

BROADN will provide exciting research and educational opportunities for annual cohorts of PhD students. Candidates should be passionate about becoming leaders in aerobiome research, working across disciplines, and communicating about their scientific activities. A BROADN PhD Fellowship provides a stipend and tuition for the first two years of a student’s PhD studies. After that time, students will be supported financially by their PhD advisor.

The BROADN PhD program complements a student’s home PhD program, from which they will earn their degree.

The BROADN PhD program begins with two semesters of education, training, and development of research skills, while gaining knowledge of aerobiome research. In addition to the courses required by their home PhD program, specific BROADN activities in which first-year students will participate include:

  • Aerobiome Foundations course: PhD students will complete this team-taught, interdisciplinary course that spans the range of topics critical to the aerobiome.
  • Workshops: As a cohort, PhD students will participate in engaging workshops on the Science of Team Science, DEI, science communication, and other topics.
  • Research experiences: Each PhD student will spend time in research groups in at least two of BROADN’s themes, learning first-hand about the concepts, methods, and data that are involved.
  • Outreach: Each year, the PhD student cohort will develop and deliver an outreach activity related to BROADN.

By the end of their second semester, PhD students will be matched with an advisor. In the first summer of their PhD studies, the students will begin their own research projects. In the second year and beyond, PhD students will participate in additional BROADN workshops and will complete other requirements of their home PhD program.

Throughout their PhD studies, students will be involved with the annual BROADN symposium as presenters and organizers, will mentor undergraduate researchers, and will participate in outreach activities

Apply for a BROADN PhD program fellowship

Our PhD program complements a student’s home PhD program, from which they will earn their degree. Prospective BROADN PhD students must first apply to a PhD-granting program at Colorado State University and are encouraged to contact BROADN faculty members to discuss PhD program options.


2022 Applications

For PhD studies beginning in Fall 2022, applications will be evaluated beginning Monday, January 10, 2022. Applications received after that date will be evaluated until all positions are filled.


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