Our Team | Mark Hernandez

Mark Hernandez photo

Mark Hernandez, Ph.D.

SJ Archuleta Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Director, Aerobiology and Disinfection Lab at the University of Colorado

Dr. Mark Hernandez attained all his degrees from University of California at Berkeley and holds the Archuleta Chair of Environmental Engineering at the University of Colorado. He is a registered professional civil engineer and is an expert on the characterization and control of bioaerosols. His research leverages modern forensic science for air quality surveillance and the design of novel disinfection systems for the built environment

During his 28 years on the University of Colorado’s engineering faculty, he has authored over 120 archival publications and holds 8 patents–many of which are licensed to the tech sector. He has served on four US National Academy of Science Committees, focusing on the containment of bioterrorism research, the microbiology of the indoor environments and disease transmission in urban settings and slums. He is currently leading a CDC funded effort to couple air quality monitors with (70,000) HEPA filters being installed in public school classrooms across the State of Colorado.

Fun fact: Professor Hernandez was a professional river guide for 15 years and has spent more than 500 days of his life on rafts. He has navigated all the major river Canyons in the Colorado Plateau as well as the Sierra Nevada.