Our Team | Tom Hill

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Tom Hill

Research Scientist III, Dept. of Atmospheric Science

Dr. Tom Hill received his Bachelor of Environmental Science from Murdoch University, Perth, Australia and his Ph.D. in Environmental Microbiology from the University of East London. 

Areas of Expertise:

Dr. Hill’s mixed background of complementary experiences help lend understanding to the complex interconnectedness between the soil, water, vegetation and atmosphere. These include: Ice nucleating particles: their concentrations, sources, and characteristics, Conservation ecology (e.g., natural succession and soil microbiology, bumblebees), Impacts and amelioration of nitrogen and heavy metal pollution in soil and freshwater, Lecturer in biosciences and conservation studies, and forest plant pathology (Phytophthoras devastating the native vegetation of Western Australia).

While in America, Tom has been forced to adopt two mice, the first Misrata and the second Brittney. He has learned that you can buy a mouse’s friendship with avocado or crispy roast potato.