Our Team | Sheryl Magzamen

Sheryl Magzamen - Headshot

Sheryl Magzamen


Associate Professor


Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences


Air Quality Monitoring, GIS, Wildfire Smoke, Epidemiology

Sheryl is an environmental health scientist who seeks to understand the role of inhalation hazards, particularly anthropogenic and biogenic sources of pollution, on respiratory health. Her current research focus is to understand the joint and independent effects of environmental chemicals and pollutants on vulnerable populations. As part of the BROADN project, she is excited to understand the biological, chemical, and physical properties of wildfire smoke particulate matter, and how the constituents of wildfire smoke may differ based on smoke age, location, and current air quality properties in local areas. She is also excited to work with a talented group of researchers across multiple disciplines to translate BROADN findings into epidemiological analysis of health and air quality.