Our Team

NameTitleDepartmentResearch AreasTheme
Sue VandeWoudeLead PI and Program oversight, Director of the One Health InstituteMicrobiology, Immunology, and PathologyInvestigation of disease spillover between wildlife and domestic animals, disease ecology, and translational medicine
Sonia KreidenweisDeputy Director, Co-PI, Associate Dean for Research, Walter Scott Jr. College of EngineeringAtmospheric SciencesTheme 3:Relationship between the Aerobiome and Biological Reservoirs
Angela Bosco-LauthCo-PI, lab-based experiment lead RT 2-4, Assistant Professor of Biomedical SciencesBiomedical Sciencesvirology, infectious disease, veterinary medicineTheme 3:Relationship between the Aerobiome and Biological Reservoirs
Eugene KellyDeputy Director CAES, co-PI National Ecological Observatory Network liaison, Professor of Pedology, Soil & Crop SciencesPedology, Soil & Crop Sciences
Jan Leach Co-PI, RT 2, 4, Associate Dean for Research, College of Agricultural Sciences; Agricultural BiologyTheme 4:Determining Functional Properties of the Aerobiome
Tami BondWalter Scott, Jr. Presidential Chair in Energy, Environment and HealthMechanical Engineeringindoor and outdoor air quality, aerosol measurement and modeling
Brad BorleeAssociate Professor of BacteriologyMicrobiology, Immunology, and Pathology microbial colonization, bacterial physiology, biofilm dispersal, pathogen aerosols
Amy Charkowski Professor and Department Head of Plant PathologyPlant Pathology
Paul J. DeMottSenior Research Scientist/ScholarAtmospheric aerosols, aerosol-climate interactions, ice nucleationTheme 1: Determining Aerobiome Content
Noah FiererProfessorDepartment of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences
Sheryl MagzamenAssociate ProfessorEnvironmental and Radiological Health SciencesAir Quality Monitoring, GIS, Wildfire Smoke, Epidemiology
Jessica MetcalfAssociate ProfessorAnimal Sciences
Stephen ReynoldsProfessorEnvironmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Joshua SchaefferAssistant ProfessorEnvironmental and Occupational Health
Jane E. StewartAssociate Professor of Plant PathologyAgricultural BiologyFungal Biology and Genetics, forest health, tree pathology, fungal pathogen epidemiology
Pankaj TrivediAssociate ProfessorMicrobiome Network and Agricultural BiologyMicrobial Ecology, Aerobiome analysis, Modelling, BioinformaticsTheme 4:Determining Functional Properties of the Aerobiome
Diana WallProfessorBiology; School of Global Environmental Sustainability